Archery Tutorial

WARNING - Bows are deadly weapons. Always abide by all safety advisements. Children should ALWAYS be supervised by an adult. Terminology |  Bow Length |  Draw weight |  Assembly |  Brace height |  Strings |  Tuning |  Before you shoot |  Safety
Draw Weight

To determine the weight on your bow, refer to the limb specifications located on each limb.
Example: a 25” riser with a long limb produces a 70” bow with a draw weight of 34 pounds at a 28” draw length.
If these limbs are used on a 23” riser, the combination would produce a 68” bow with a draw weight of 36 pounds at a 28” draw length. The weight marked on the limb is measured at a 28” standard A.T.A. (Archery Trade Association) draw length. A.T.A. draw length is measured at 26.25” to the throat of the bow grip plus 1.75”. This produces an industry standard by which recurve bows are measured.

Note: Your draw weight will change due to draw length. Add or subtract approximately two pounds for each inch your draw length is over or under the 28” standard.