Archery Tutorial

WARNING - Bows are deadly weapons. Always abide by all safety advisements. Children should ALWAYS be supervised by an adult. Terminology |  Bow Length |  Draw weight |  Assembly |  Brace height |  Strings |  Tuning |  Before you shoot |  Safety
Choosing the Correct String Length
Depending on the length of your riser/limb combination, you can use the following string lengths. String length is approximately three inches shorter than the bow length. The following string lengths are actual lengths, when ordering strings use the bow length as a reference.

String Length Recommendations
Riser Length (inches)Limb Length (inches)String length (inches)String length (cm)
Short Riser (23)Long (68)65165
Medium (66)63160
Short (64)61155
Long Riser (25)Long (70)67170
Medium (68)65165
Short (66)63160

Applying a Nocking Point
A nocking point marks the exact position of the arrow on the bowstring for each shot. To apply your nocking point, slip an adjustable nock set on the center serving, and slide it into position. Initially, set the nocking point at approximately 3/8" above the level point of the rest. Close the nock set with nocking pliers so it is firm, but do not over tighten the nock set as it could break your serving.