Archery Tutorial

WARNING - Bows are deadly weapons. Always abide by all safety advisements. Children should ALWAYS be supervised by an adult. Terminology |  Bow Length |  Draw weight |  Assembly |  Brace height |  Strings |  Tuning |  Before you shoot |  Safety

Setting Your Center Shot
The final step of tuning is to position your center shot. To start, position the arrow slightly outside of the center of the bowstring. To do that, begin by nocking an arrow and placing it on the arrow rest. Do not draw the bow, but position yourself behind the string side of the bow, looking down the arrow. Align the string down the center of the limbs and riser and check to see the position of the arrow tip relative to this line. Adjust the plunger or arrow rest until the inside edge of the arrow shaft aligns with this line.

Fine Tuning
For advanced methods, see your local dealer. An additional source of detailed information is the Easton Arrow Tuning and Maintenance Guide,

Stringing your bow
You will see other more experienced archers stringing bows in many different ways. Until you KNOW what you are doing, use a bow stringer and always check that the string is properly attached (checking tips with the bow facing away from you) before removing the stringer. Give the bow string a short pluck (pointing it at a wall and away from people) to seat the limbs in their pockets. Then recheck your bracing height to make sure it is correct. Repeat the above procedure and add or remove twists from the string until the height is correct.