Archery Tutorial

WARNING - Bows are deadly weapons. Always abide by all safety advisements. Children should ALWAYS be supervised by an adult. Terminology |  Bow Length |  Draw weight |  Assembly |  Brace height |  Strings |  Tuning |  Before you shoot |  Safety
Before you shoot
Make sure you have your limbs on correctly. The limb with the length and poundage text should be on the bottom. Make sure your string is not frayed and that the servings are in good condition. Make sure all accessories are tight (stabiliser, sight, pressure button and arrow rest). Make sure you use a bracer (arm guard) and a finger tab. The first time you forget will be your last, IT HURTS!

Check each arrow you are going to use. Make sure the fletchings are in good condition, the nocking point is not damaged, the arrow is straight and that the point is undamaged. Also make sure that you can determine which way to place the knocking point on the string. This may seem obvious but modern arrows may have curly vanes that are offset for faster flight and the cock feather (the one pointing away from the string and bow) may not be immediately apparent.

If you are not enjoying it then there is something wrong. Stop, determine the problem and fix it before continuing.