Archery Tutorial

WARNING - Bows are deadly weapons. Always abide by all safety advisements. Children should ALWAYS be supervised by an adult. Terminology |  Bow Length |  Draw weight |  Assembly |  Brace height |  Strings |  Tuning |  Before you shoot |  Safety


1. Never Dry Fire Your Bow.
Dry fire means to draw and release your bow without an arrow. Shooting without an arrow, which absorbs most of the bow’s stored energy, could cause severe damage to the bow and possible injury.
2. Never Expose Your Bow to Extreme Heat or Prolonged Moisture.
Excessive heat, such as could be experienced on a sunny day inside of a closed vehicle, could cause limb failure. Prolonged storage in a hot, dry attic or damp basement could also be damaging.
3. Carefully Inspect Your Bow Before And During Each Shooting Session.
Carefully note condition of bowstring, limbs and riser before you shoot. Frayed bowstrings should be replaced. Damaged or suspect limbs should be reported to the dealer where you purchased your bow.
4. Inspect All Arrows.
Before shooting, inspect your arrows for defects. Replace cracked nocks and loose fletch and discard fractured or dented arrows.
5. Always Be Safe.
Never point or aim a drawn bow at anything you do not wish to destroy. Never shoot straight up. Be sure of your target and what lies beyond it. Only shoot in a safe direction. Children must be supervised by an adult.